In Loving Memory
Neal Jern
1936 - 2014

Thank you for your interest in the Neal Jern Custom Machine and Jern Thunderbolt website.

Regrettably the time has come to officially close the doors to Neal's business as he is no longer here to produce his beautifully machined pieces and parts.

For those of you who would be interested in purchasing inventory or parts, please send your name and contact information to We have a big job ahead of us for sure. Family and some friends are lending a hand.

The Jern Family would like you to know how much we have appreciate your interest, support, and kind words for Neal and the work he did with the old cars. This business brought purpose and joy to his life. He enjoyed every conversation and problem solving talk with many of you.

Thank you! Neal was one of the "Good Guys".

Blessings on each of you that contributed to Neal's retirement years.

Best Regards,

Kay Jern